Employer Resource Connection with your homecare or personal support worker is a program for people whose in-home services are provided through state funded programs. It promotes successful working relationships between consumer-employers, personal support workers, and homecare workers. 
ERC offers:
  • Information- fact sheets and discussions about topics such as rights and responsibilities, and what it means to be the employer
  • Tools- Checklists and customizable forms, as well as assistance with editing and using the forms to help consumers
  • Support- Activities to help consumer/employers evaluate their hiring and management decisions; modeling and coaching skills such as interviewing and communicating with homecare workers.
Major topic areas include:
  • The Big Picture/ Getting Started- General Information about receiving in-home services, hiring checklist.
  • Finding and Hiring- Locating, interviewing and selecting homecare workers, developing job descriptions and employment agreements based on the Task List.
  • Special Circumstances- Employing friends or family members; live-in plans and tracking hours and any authorized mileage; recognizing, discussing and attempting to correct performance deficiencies; dismissal.
  • Safety and Being Prepared- Back-up and emergency planning, home safety.
ERC services are provided in consumers’ homes or other location of their choice and may be offered in small groups. On request, consumer/employers or representatives may receive materials electronically or by mail, with follow-up by phone or in person.
For more information please contact:
Marilyn Burke
Phone: (541) 672-6336
Email: marilyn@uvdn.org