It is UVdN’s Mission Statement to serve people with all types of disabilities, their families and loved ones by fostering independent living, facilitating personal growth, honoring individual choice, raising disability awareness and promoting full inclusion in our community.

Umpqua Valley disAbilities Network is Douglas County’s Center for Independent Living (CIL). UVdN provides five core services for people with disabilities and their families.

Core Services

  • 1. Information and Referral

  • 2. Peer Mentoring

  • 3. Independent Living Skills Training

  • 4. Individual and Systems Advocacy

  • 5. Transition Services

Services include:

  • Project Literacy

  • Dial-A-Ride

  • Support Groups

  • ADA Issues Resolutions

  • ERK Services

  • Other Services as Arranged

UVdN provides assistance and support for individuals who live in Douglas County to live independently. This may include but not limited to skills building for budgeting, cleaning, meal preparation and shopping, time management for scheduling and maintaining  appointments, transportation. 

Independent Living Specialist may also refer the consumer to other community service resources that offer the services the individual is seeking.